Professional 1094-C and 1095-C Reporting Services

Our company provides full service, white glove package to all of our clients. Our full-service package includes: data gathering, testing for affordability, safe harbor coding, creating and mailing forms to the IRS and/or State. Distribution of 1094-C forms & 1095-C forms to each employee. Copy to employer for their records.

Every employer will have a designated Solution Expert assigned to their filing to help answer any and all questions throughout the process. 

Should you have any issues with the IRS/State filing we will stand behind our work and represent you.


  • Creation of 1094-C/1095-C Forms
  • Calculation of 1095-C Codes
  • PDF Form Delivery
  • E-File Forms to IRS
  • E-file Forms to State
  • HIPPA Compliant Furnishing of Forms to Employees
  • Compatible with Payroll Systems
  • Designated Solution Expert
  • Safe Harbor Consulting
  • Multi EIN at No Extra Cost
  • Multi Step Form Audit Checks
We Are One Of The Lowest Cost Programs In America

As per the employer mandate, employers with 50 or more full-time employees are required to file forms 1094C and 1095C for each full-time equivalent employee. Employers are required to file this annual report to the IRS on the coverage offered to their full-time equivalent employees. Employers that do not submit an annual IRS return or provide individual statements to all full-time employees may be subject to a penalty up to $310 per return, with a maximum annual penalty of $3,783,000 million.

The procedure of notifying employees of their benefits, affordability, and eligibility is a cumbersome task and requires a great deal of responsibility. We, at ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc., streamline the process and reduce your responsibility.

ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. works alongside employers in gathering all necessary data, preforming testing, and e-filing to the IRS. We look forward to assisting employers with these ever changing ACA demands and IRS requirements. 

The IRS Form 1095-C requires reporting of the following information:
  • Employer contact and Employer Identification Number (EIN), including contact person’s name and phone number
  • Year for which information is reported
    • Certification that full-time employees and dependents were offered an opportunity to enroll in Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), by calendar month
  • For each full-time employee, months for which MEC was available
  • Each full-time employee’s share of the cost for coverage under the lowest-cost, minimum-value plan offered by the employer, by calendar month
  • The number of full-time employees for each month during the calendar year
  • Name, address and Social Security Number (SSN) of each full-time employee and the months of coverage, if any
  • A single Form 1094-C must accompany the set of Forms 1095-C when filing to the IRS.

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