Past Year’s 1094/1095 Filing Service

Applicable Large Employers or ALEs (with 50 or more full-time and full-time equivalent employees) are required to file information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to demonstrate what benefits the employer offered to its employees the previous calendar year. Termed as 1094/1095, these forms will be used by IRS to determine whether an employer will be penalized for noncompliance and also determine employees’ eligibility for the premium tax credit.

Some employers have been receiving IRS Letter 5699, which the IRS uses to inquire about an employer’s reason for not filing the Forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS in previous years. The letter primarily contains information such as the date the letter was sent, taxpayer ID number, tax year(s) in question, IRS contact details, employee ID number, reasons why you have received this letter and explanation of the relevant rules. If you have received such a letter from the IRS, you need to act immediately.

What if I don’t act, or act immediately?

An employer is usually required to respond to IRS Letter 5699 within 30 days. Failure to do so implies risking significant penalty charges that may run into millions. If you wait until just before the response deadline, it could be difficult to gather all the data and complete the forms in time.

Our past year’s 1094 / 1095 Filing Services

If you have indeed missed out filing past year’s 1094/1095 forms, you will be required to do so immediately. Though it seems simple, gathering employee data in a short time can be a cumbersome and error prone exercise. The regulations are complex to interpret and dynamic. Employers need to have a deep understanding of these regulations and the right strategy in place for successful compliance.

ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. has a strong team of experts that has deep experience in delivering quality 1094 / 1095 filing and responding to Letter 5699. We can help you understand and navigate through complex reporting requirement and be compliant with the regulations. Our goal is to enable you to focus on your business competency and be completely reassured of your regulatory obligations. We offer end-to-end 1094/1095 filing services that includes:

A. Planning
  • Determining client’s 1094/1095 compliance obligations based on its ALE status and potential penalties
  • Strategy for responding to Letter 5699
  • Determination of forms to be completed
  • Preparation of a Project plan
 B. Data Preparation
  • Identification, collection and coding of all required data
  • Entry of data into 1094/1095 forms
  • Conducting quality checks and resolving data errors
 C. IRS Filing / Response
  • Identification of IRS filing mode (Manual or Online)
  • Creating delivery package, transmittal and distribution
  • Creating and delivering a Letter 5699 response
Why ACA Compliance Solution Services?

We offer a compelling value proposition to our clients through our deep investments in people, processes and tools towards delivering quality 1094/1095 compliance services. We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Being trusted by more than 1500+ clients across USA, most of whom have engaged with us as their strategic partner for ACA and other regulatory compliance
  • Strong and experienced practitioners with deep understanding of ACA Compliance requirements and consulting expertise
  • Proprietary methodologies and toolkit for ensuring accurate and timely compliance, supplemented by extensive and continuous research on the IRS compliance requirements
  • End to end filing services that requires minimum client involvement
  • Flexible and outcome-based engagement models

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