Houston, TX - 6/1/2023

Working with Glenn and  ACA Compliance’s team has been a real pleasure, their knowledge and support gave us the guidance that we needed to help us solve delays in filing with the IRS in a very positive way. Great customer service and communication at all times, we are really happy to have them as one of our vendors. I can recommend them without any hesitation.


Seattle, WA - 7/2/2023

Choosing ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. was one of the best decisions I ever made for my company. From the start, Silvia made me feel at ease with her clear explanations and comprehensive understanding of ACA regulations. Despite my tight deadline, they managed to handle my filings promptly and accurately. Their professionalism and commitment have won me over as a long-term client.


Chicago, IL - 18/3/2023

I've worked with ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. since 2016, and I couldn't be happier with their services. Silvia and Glenn have consistently demonstrated their dedication to their clients' success. Their thoroughness in preparing and filing our 1094/1095 forms has been exceptional. It's reassuring to have such reliable partners managing our compliance needs.


Miami, FL - 9/4/2023

Being new to ACA compliance, I reached out to ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. for guidance. Their team's expertise and personalized approach were evident from the start. Silvia took the time to explain the intricacies of the process, making me feel confident in their abilities. They not only filed my forms promptly but also provided valuable insights to optimize our future compliance efforts.


Denver, CO - 10/5/2023

I've had my share of challenges with compliance services in the past, but ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. has been a game-changer. Their efficiency in handling my 1094/1095 filings was impressive, and the guidance they offered to avoid potential pitfalls was invaluable. I appreciate their commitment to excellence and look forward to a continued partnership.


San Francisco, CA - 11/6/2023

I've had the pleasure of working with ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. for over the last four years now, and their dedication to their clients is unmatched. From answering my initial questions to consistently delivering accurate and timely 1094/1095 filing advice, they've proven themselves as reliable experts. Silvia and Glenn's customer service approach truly sets them apart.


Irwindale. CA - 5/24/2022

Working with Glenn and  ACA Compliance’s team has been a real pleasure, their knowledge and support gave us the guidance that we needed to help us solve delays in filing with the IRS in a very positive way. Great customer service and communication at all times, we are really happy to have them as one of our vendors. I can recommend them without any hesitation.


Van Nuys, CA - 4/11/2022

Glenn and his team has saved our company tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. The fees are reasonable and the work was done very promptly. Communication and getting updates on the situation was always timely and professional. We highly recommend ACA Compliance Solution Services Inc.!


Brooklyn, NY - 3/19/2022

Having had several unfortunate experiences in the past with other compliance companies, I was hesitant to again start over with a new one. Much to my surprise I couldn’t have been more impressed with ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc.within just two quick phone calls Silvia was able to submit my 1094/1095 filings and even gave me advice on how to avoid penalties in the future. I give them a 10/10 recommend.


Vero Beach, FL - 3/2/2022

I was referred to Glenn and Silvia by my broker last yearand really enjoyed working with them. They were knowledgeable, professional, and well versed. I will gladly use them again for my next filing.


Nashville, TN - 2/21/2022

ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc.is an amazing company to work with. I have referred several clients to them since 2015 and have always received positive feedback. Even when clients have had late filings from 2-3 years ago, Glenn has been able to successfully reconcile them, and minimize or eliminate any penalties from the IRS.


San Francisco, CA - 2/16/2022

I met Glenn through a mutual client and was very pleased with his knowledge of ACA regulations. I referred a few of my own clients to him and even used his team for my brokerage firm’s filings last year. Only positive experiences.


Dallas, TX - 2/6/2022

My corporation was referred to ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. for assistance upon receiving a penalty notice from the IRS. While we anticipated paying thousands of dollars, Glenn’s staff was able to abate any fines that the IRS was trying to levy from our company. Incredibly grateful for their help and their service.


Portland, OR - 2021

I am a Los Angeles based small business owner and I have been doing business with Glenn since 2017. His prices have always been fair, and my 1095 filings are effortless each time. I would definitely recommend Glenn and his staff.


Boulder City, CO - 2021

ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. is one of the most professional and trustworthy businesses that I have had the pleasure of doing business with. I am a broker in the Colorado and have recommended my clients to use the ACA Compliance team for their filings and ERISA documents. I have always had a positive experience and my clients would say the same.


Los Angeles, CA - 2021

Silvia is absolutely THE GREATEST. She walked me through everything step by step and was so helpful along the way. I would strongly suggest you contact ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. for your filings as this was the easiest and seamlessexperience I’ve had with a company of this sort in my almost 20 years as a business owner.


Chicago, IL - 2021

I was introduced to Glenn and Silvia at a Human Resource convention in 2016. While I was initially only looking for assistance with 1095C forms for my employees, I was soon introduced to the other services they offer. Glenn and his team have been a great help to my company. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.


Anchorage, AK - 2021

I worked with ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. for the first time this past spring. They managed my ERISA documents as well as a 226-J letter that I unexpectedly received from the IRS. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the entire process was and the results that we received. I had to do very little paperwork and Glenn’s team handled everything.

Susan A.

Lansing, MI 4/17/2020

I was really impressed with Glenn and Silvia’s knowledge of ACA guidelines. When COVID-19 hit, my company had to lay off and furlough quite a few employees. As I was unsure of how would this would affect any ACA mandates, I reached out to my insurance broker who put us in touch with ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. Their office was quick to return my call and answered all of my concerns without hesitation.

Mark P.

New Orleans, LA 2/7/2020

I have been using ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. since 2015 and have always had a positive experience. I own and operate a 60+ employee company here in Los Angeles and have used Glenn and his team for 1094/1095 filings. The filings are always completed timely and at a great price, too.

Brett H.

Sunnyvale, CA 3/22/2020

ACA Compliance Solution Solutions recently saved my client THOUSANDS of dollars in penalties from the IRS. My brokerage firm recently acquired a large employer group who hadn’t filed their 1095s since 2017. Upon receiving a 226J letter from the IRS with a fine of over one hundred thousand dollars, I contacted ACA Compliance for assistance. In just a few short weeks, they had my client’s penalties reduced by more than half. Both my client and myself could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and work ethic displayed. I strongly recommend this company.

Roberta T.

Carson City, NV 4/3/2020

As a broker with a Book of Business consisting of several large employer groups with employee numbers in the thousands, I need to be able to trust and rely on the businesses that I refer my clients too. ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. has continuously helped my clients in excellent fashion and provided them with the utmost care and professionalism. I cannot recommend Glenn and his staff enough.

Pricilla S.

Dallas, TX 3/25/2020

I was introduced to Silvia and Glenn at a Human Resources convention in Long Beach last year. I was immediately impressed with their wide array of services offered as it is so nice being able to work with the same team of people rather than coordinate our company’s needs with multiple companies.

Lowell W.

Scottsdale, AZ. 6/18/2020

Simply put, Silvia is the best! She has assisted me in processing our 1094/1095-C filings as well as completing our ERISA Wrap documents for the past 2 years. She is so easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend their services.

Mark S.

Chicago, IL 07/02/2019

I own and operate a 500 employee group based in Chicago. We met Michael and Silvia at a convention in Long Beach, CA in 2018. Upon meeting them and learning of their services, I decided to use them for the filing of my 2017 1094/1095’s. Their team was able to not only file everything within 4 days, but also saved me from paying the large penalty I faced. It was a smooth facilitation and I was truly impressed with their professionalism. They really saved my company from the tight spot I was in. I totally recommend ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. to anyone in need of ACA filing help.

Kayla E.

Colorado Springs, CO 06/27/2019

I have been working with ACA Compliance Solution Services’, Inc. team since the end of 2017. Whether it be for 1094/95s, 5500 forms, or even ERISA docs, they have been their time after time and saved my company countless time and money. They are a great partner to work with.

Betty G.

Los Angeles, CA 05/19/19

Knowledgeable, great service and a life saver that is all I can say!!! I was first introduced to Glenn and his team last year through my friend. My corporation received a 226-J letter from the IRS and we were panicking as we knew that this could be the start of a potentially expensive problem if not handled correctly. However, ACA Compliance Solution Services dealt with the IRS for us and was able to reduce our tax burden from over $200,000.00 to under $10,000. They were terrific and I will be using them in the future for our filings.

John C.

Bradford, PA 04/16/2019

Glenn and Silvia have been a big help to my client. I first learned of ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. through a colleague of mine. It is always a bit worrisome when referring a client to a new company for assistance as you don’t know what to expect. However, Glenn and Silvia were terrific and processed my client’s 1094 and 1095 forms quickly and effortlessly. I definitely recommend their services.

Frank E.

San Diego, CA 04/16/19

ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. has been a huge help to my clients. As a broker, it is imperative that I refer my clients to trustworthy and confident businesses. Silvia and Michael are the epitome of excellent customer service. They have consistently saved my clients countless hours of time and effort in resolving their compliance needs. More importantly, they are always there to answer questions no matter how big or small. I strongly recommend using ACA Compliance Solution Services.

Olivia P.

Orange County, CA 03/20/19

I recently found ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. through a Google search as I was in need of assistance in filing my business’ 1094/1095’s. As I was a bit late on filing, I was concerned about how long the process to file would take. However, Michael was able to have the forms electronically filed in 5 days to the IRS, with very little paperwork required on my part. I was happily surprised by how effortless the process was. I will definitely be using ACA Compliance again.

Joe A.

Beverly Hills, CA 09/05/18

We first met Glenn and Silvia at a human resource convention in Long Beach and couldn’t have been more impressed with their professionalism and charisma. Since then, our firm has been utilizing ACA for several of their services and have been extremely pleased with the service provided. We would strongly recommend ACA Compliance!

Donna H.

Hollywood, CA 08/21/18

I am a small business owner in Los Angeles. I recently used ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. for my ERISA Wrap and 1095 filings. In the past I had found the whole process to be exhausting but Silvia completely turned that around for me. She was very quick and thorough, I had my filings done within a week’s time.

Ricardo L.

Tampa Bay, FL 06/07/2018

Great team and great service! I have known ACA Compliance for years and have always been impressed with their services. They have continually saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential fines from the IRS. They truly can take a scary situation and turn it around.

Georgina P.

Dallas, TX 05/28/2018

Our broker referred us to ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. this year upon receiving a 226-J letter from the IRS. We were faced with a $700,000.00 fine and needed help ASAP!! Glenn and his team were able to work directly with the IRS on our company’s behalf and reduce the fine to almost nothing from where it started. It wasn’t easy but they were on our side the entire time and didn’t give up. I can’t say enough about how great their services are. I would say that it’s a 10 out of 10 recommendation for sure.

Brian B.

West Los Angeles, CA 05/04/18

I have been a client of ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. since 2015. I have always been extremely impressed with the way in which they conduct business. Glenn and Michael are very forthright and get the job done. Having worked with several other compliance companies prior to meeting this team, I can honestly say that ACA Compliance stands out from the rest in all the best ways possible.

James H.

Pasadena CA 03/29/18

Incredibly pleased with the work done. I hired ACA Compliance to process my company’s mailings and they were completed very quickly and with much ease on my part. Overall great experience.

Bahar K.

Encino, CA 01/15/18

 As a Denver based company, we were hesitant at first to work with an out of state compliance company to handle our IRS filings given the sensitivity of the information at hand. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that their team was very willing and able to accommodate us via various platforms in lieu of face to face contact. In addition, they were more than obliging in working with our hectic work schedules.

Sabrina S.

Burbank, CA 09/12/17

We were referred to ACA Compliance by our broker to help us file our 1095 IRS forms. As a union based large employer group, our 1095 filings are always a bit tricky and we always seem to run into problems each year. We have a multi-level filing task between union, seasonal, full time, self-insured, and fully insured programs. As such, we commonly have problems with our filings. However, ACA Compliance impressed us by the fact that they were capable of successfully filing our 1094/1095 C’s on the first try and in a very timely manner. Not only will we use ACA moving forward but we have also referred them to three other clients that needed their assistance as well and they were terrific in assisting them.

Todd H.

Glendale, CA 06/06/17

I was recommended to use ACA Compliance Solution Services by a friend who has used them previously. I gave them a call and spoke to Glenn who was able to give me a bundle discount. After that I had the pleasure of working with Silvia. She was very well educated and had no issues with the many questions, my curious self, had. She gave me a simple spreadsheet and an application to fill out. Once I did there was nothing else I had to do. She was able to get everything filed and distributed to the employees in no time. I truly hope I can do for you what my friend did to me and recommend this wonderful services, because they truly made this stressful time a breeze.

Michael M.

Atlanta, GA 05/12/2017

My corporation has been using ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. since 2015. I was first introduced to them when I inquired online for assistance in filing 1094 and 1095 C forms. It was my first time filing and I was completely lost as to how to proceed. However, Michael was extremely helpful in educating us on the guidelines and filing our forms. It was so easy on our part, barely any paperwork to fill out. Not to mention how quickly it was filed! We have continued to use ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. since and will definitely keep doing so.

Craig R.

Riverside, CA 04/22/17

I only started working with ACA Compliance Solution Services this year, but wow what a great experience it was. We came to them one week before our 1094/1095 filings were due and they told us that they could file on time for us. Due to it being a last minute filing there was a surcharge, but it was still cheaper than any quote I received anywhere else. When they say they can get it done, you can really believe that they will. I’m truly relived that this burden will no longer be on my back. We definitely will be using them for many years to come.

Bob G.

Mission Viejo, CA 03/10/2017

I started using ACA Compliance Solution Services at the end of 2015. I had the pleasure of working with Michael who was very helpful and professional. He made quick work of our companies ERISA wrap and within one week of purchase, we were handing it out to our employees. We found a real gem. I highly recommend ACA Compliance Solution Services.

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